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This blog was set up to journal my experience of living in Nunavut and keep friends and family up to date on these happenings. It's a wonderful place, this hideaway in the north, and I'm loving my time here. An unforgettable place with unforgettable people. I'm lucky to be here.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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Well, it was a whirlwind of a weekend last weekend what with all the travel and the wedding but it was sure a lot of fun. We set out on Wed afternoon and had about a 5 hr wait in Churchill and the staff there were amazing! They took pity on Oliver and me and the staff let Oli hang out with them while one employee drove me into town to get some food. Nice! Then it was off to Grande Prairie after a stopover in Winnipeg where I ran into a friend from Baker which was nice.

We got to GP and my dad picked me and Oli up and dad whisked Oliver off to the vet to check out his problems. I just got a call from the vet and thank goodness everything is good with him. Turns out he's merely neurotic and suffers from severe separation anxiety! Good times. An expensive trip just to find that out but my vet's office was so good to us ~ thanks guys!!

So, with that, I'm back in Baker and we're heading into a long weekend which is going to feel soooo nice. Can't wait to catch up on my sleep on Saturday. Heaven help the person who wakes me up before a good sleep in let me tell ya! ;-)

Anyway, here's a few of pics from the weekend.

Michelle and I at the reception

A quick stop at a little pub after the ceremony with the wedding party. The best man Jim and I looked rather comical as he's 6'4 and I'm 5'2. Too funny...

Flying out on the way home. It was pretty cool to see the farmland from the air.

And this is the landscape of Nunavut from the air. So pretty.


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