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This blog was set up to journal my experience of living in Nunavut and keep friends and family up to date on these happenings. It's a wonderful place, this hideaway in the north, and I'm loving my time here. An unforgettable place with unforgettable people. I'm lucky to be here.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Temp: -24
Windchill: -35
Sunrise: 8:20 a.m.
Sunset: 4:56 p.m.
Sunny and beautiful!

Well, today was the first day in a VERY long time that I got out. The weather here has been cold and the wind not so friendly. We haven't gotten out much this year which is pretty unfortunate. But, today I did so I'm thrilled.

Todd and Chris had built a nice ice shack up at Todd and Jenesta's and today was finally moving day! I love the shack because it looks like a barn. So, it was mounted to runners and pulled by one truck while anchored to another. The move went off without a hitch and as I type this the boys have gone back out to the shack to fish. Very cool.

Just a pretty ring around the sun

Getting it hooked up

And onto the ice safe and sound

Almost home

And settled in place, town off in the distance just over the hood of the blue truck

Inside the shack checking out the beautiful ice

Cool shard of ice we saw on our way out to the point

And other than this wee bit of excitement, things have been chuggin' along up here. Feb has been busy so far planning for Valentines Day at school and now PI week is coming up at the end of the month. Tania and I are heading down to Winnipeg for a few days to partake in some shopping, get haircuts, go swimming, take in a movie and just enjoy the change of scenery. It's been so great having this to look forward to. I haven't spent a lot of time in Winnipeg before, mostly just waiting at the airport for connecting flights or tromping around Polo Park Mall if the layover is a bit longer. So, it will be neat to be a tourist in the city next week. Should be a lot of fun!


Blogger Jennith said...

haha.... I saw that shack drive by while I was out on the lake supervising a science fair project. So weird to see it later on the net and actually find out what it is.

8:03 PM  

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