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This blog was set up to journal my experience of living in Nunavut and keep friends and family up to date on these happenings. It's a wonderful place, this hideaway in the north, and I'm loving my time here. An unforgettable place with unforgettable people. I'm lucky to be here.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Temp: -34
Windchill: -52
Sunrise: 7:28 a.m.
Sunset: 5:44 p.m.

Well, I'm back in Baker after having had a week off for PI week (professional improvement) and although it's good to be back, it was sure nice being in Alberta with some warmer weather. Temperatures there were between +4 and -15 so it was down right balmy! It was great being near the family again too and catching up with everyone. I got back on Friday, which as it turns out was a good plan, because we've got a mild blizzard happening right now and the planes have been cancelled for today (catching a few teachers who went out by surprise and stuck in a hotel in Winnipeg). It's not too bad though and visibility is fairly decent. And, I think just having had the break made a real difference for me. I feel refreshed and ready to get back at it!

Yesterday we got out of town with the gang and went out to see the igloos that some of the teachers learned how to build on their PI week. We made a small addition to one of them and tossed around the idea of sleeping in them sometime in the not too distant future which would be a lot of fun. I really hope we get to do it. I didn't realize until recently that I hadn't actually been out on the land in months before this so it's no wonder I'd been having a bit of cabin fever lately. The cold weather just made it no fun to go anywhere so it was great to have a reasonable day to get out. Very cool.

Me, Ivan, Jenesta and Edna

Chad laying down the first row of the addition

Cutting my first block

There she be!

My neighbour Chris and I while I'm sawing a block

Trying to get a picture with Oliver, ever the distracted one. :-)

Tania lookin' frosty

Todd takin' a breather from cutting blocks

And for the past couple of weeks the town has been having cable difficulties and for a few days now everyone is doing without TV completely. Man, you sure don't realize how much TV you watch until you don't have it. I've been scrubbing walls, cleaning radiators and just basically doing spring cleaning. Been a down right productive weekend I have to say!

All in all it's been a great week and my batteries are recharged and ready to go. Good times....


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