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This blog was set up to journal my experience of living in Nunavut and keep friends and family up to date on these happenings. It's a wonderful place, this hideaway in the north, and I'm loving my time here. An unforgettable place with unforgettable people. I'm lucky to be here.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Temp: 0

Well, this long weekend was pretty darn nice up in Baker Lake. We've had fantastic weather! Feels like spring is finally here.

Friday night was fun; a music night with everybody and then Saturday night we went to one of the teachers who had a last party for everyone before people head out for the summer or relocate down south. It was fun. Unfortunately I've had a flu bug this week so I took it pretty easy. Man, I'm sure glad I got my flu shot in the fall. I never was a believer in them until this year. Helps so much when working in the schools.

Only 14 school days left now. I'm looking forward to spending some time down south. I even dreamt about Subway last night ~ how crazy is that?! I'm a good baker, but I'm sure sick of my own cooking. Chicken this, chicken that..... I am going to go restaurant happy when I get home! :-) It's funny because the same thing is happening this year for me as last and that's I'm craving salads like you wouldn't believe. Lookin' forward to the variety again!

And with the warm weather, comes extended daylight. It is getting harder and harder to convince the old brain when bedtime is because it's not getting dark now. We just have dusk now and so I've been forced to tin foil my window. If there was any doubt which apt the Albertan lived in before, there isn't now! :-) But hey, whatever works...


Anonymous Erica L said...

Hey Treena
Back in Saskatchewan and I know what you mean about 'going restaurant happy', I'm going 'Chinese grocery store happy'; lots of tofu, eggplant, filipino sausages and fresh rice noodles. Mmm. I'm excited for you!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Treena said...

Hey Erica!

I'm sooo jealous! I bet you are having a blast back home and enjoying the sunshine. Have a great summer and I'll see you in August!

3:54 PM  

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